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separate adj
1 independent; not united or joint; "a problem consisting of two separate issues"; "they went their separate ways"; "formed a separate church" [ant: joint]
2 individual and distinct; "pegged down each separate branch to the earth"; "a gift for every single child" [syn: single(a)]
3 standing apart; not attached to or supported by anything; "a freestanding bell tower"; "a house with a separate garage" [syn: freestanding]
4 not living together as man and wife; "decided to live apart"; "maintaining separate households"; "they are separated" [syn: apart(p), separated]
5 characteristic of or meant for a single person or thing; "an individual serving"; "separate rooms"; "single occupancy"; "a single bed" [syn: individual, single(a)]
6 separated according to race, sex, class, or religion; "separate but equal"; "girls and boys in separate classes"
7 have the connection undone; having become separate [syn: disjoined]


1 a separately printed article that originally appeared in a larger publication [syn: offprint, reprint]
2 a garment that can be purchased separately and worn in combinations with other garments


1 act as a barrier between; stand between; "The mountain range divides the two countries" [syn: divide]
2 force, take, or pull apart; "He separated the fighting children"; "Moses parted the Red Sea" [syn: disunite, divide, part]
3 mark as different; "We distinguish several kinds of maple" [syn: distinguish, differentiate, secern, secernate, severalize, severalise, tell, tell apart]
4 separate into parts or portions; "divide the cake into three equal parts"; "The British carved up the Ottoman Empire after World War I" [syn: divide, split, split up, dissever, carve up] [ant: unite]
5 come apart; "The two pieces that we had glued separated" [syn: divide, part]
6 divide into components or constituents; "Separate the wheat from the chaff"
7 arrange or order by classes or categories; "How would you classify these pottery shards--are they prehistoric?" [syn: classify, class, sort, assort, sort out]
8 become separated into pieces or fragments; "The figurine broke"; "The freshly baked loaf fell apart" [syn: break, split up, fall apart, come apart]
9 make a division or separation [syn: divide]
10 discontinue an association or relation; go different ways; "The business partners broke over a tax question"; "The couple separated after 25 years of marriage"; "My friend and I split up" [syn: part, split up, split, break, break up]
11 go one's own away; move apart; "The friends separated after the party" [syn: part, split]
12 treat differently on the basis of sex or race [syn: discriminate, single out]
13 divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork; "The road forks" [syn: branch, ramify, fork, furcate]

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From separatus, perfect passive participle of separare, from sepire, saepire.



  1. Apart from (the rest); not connected to or attached to (anything else).
    This chair can be disassembled into five separate pieces.
  2. In the context of "followed by “from”": Not together (with); not united (to).
    I try to keep my personal life separate from work.


apart from; not connected to
followed by "from": not together with


  1. To divide (a thing) into separate parts.
    Separate the articles from the headings.
  2. To cause (things or people) to be separate.
    If the kids get too noisy, separate them for a few minutes.
  3. To divide itself into separate pieces or substances.
    The sauce will separate if you don't keep stirring.


divide (a thing) into separate parts
cause (things or people) to be separate
divide itself into separate pieces or substances


  1. usually in plural Anything that is sold by itself, especially an article of clothing.

Usage notes

  • The spelling is separate. *|Seperate is a common misspelling.


Verb form

  1. second-person plural indicative present of separare
  2. second-person plural imperative of separare

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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

aberrate, abrupt, aggravate, agree to differ, agree to disagree, alien, alienate, alienated, alone, aloof, analyze, anatomize, apart, assay, assort, assorted, asunder, at odds, at variance, atomize, autarchic, autarkic, autonomous, be at variance, be in dissent, beg to differ, bifurcate, bipartite, bolt, bound, branch, break down, break up, break with, broach, cast off, cast out, categorize, change, chink, chop logic, circumscribe, clarify, classify, clear, cleave, cloistered, close off, codify, collate, comb, come apart, come between, companionless, compartment, contradistinguish, contrary, contrasted, contrasting, cordon, cordon off, crack, crevasse, cull out, cut, cut adrift, cut off, cut open, cut out, deactivate, debrief, decrassify, delete, demarcate, demark, demob, demobilize, depart, departing, deploy, depurate, desynonymize, detach, detached, deviating, deviative, dichotomize, dichotomous, differ, difference, different, differentiate, differentiated, differing, disaccordant, disaffect, disagree, disagree with, disagreeing, disarticulate, disassemble, disband, discharge, disconnect, disconnected, discontinue, discontinuous, discord with, discordant, discrepant, discrete, discriminate, discriminated, disengage, disengaged, disentangle, disequalize, disintegrate, disjoin, disjoined, disjoint, disjunct, dismiss, disorganize, disparate, dispart, dispel, disperse, disrelated, dissect, dissent, dissent from, dissever, dissimilar, dissociate, dissociated, dissolve, dissonant, distill, distinct, distinctive, distinguish, distinguished, disunify, disunite, divaricate, diverge, divergent, diverging, divers, diverse, diversified, diversify, divide, divide on, divide up, divided, divorce, draw the line, drop out, edulcorate, eject, elute, enclose, enisle, essentialize, estrange, exotic, expel, extract, extraneous, fall out, fan out, fan the flame, fence off, filter, filtrate, fissure, fly open, foreign, fork, free, friendless, ghettoize, gin, go away, go off, go separate ways, gradate, grade, grant a divorce, grant an annulment, group, halve, have a falling-out, heterogeneous, homeless, in a backwater, in disagreement, in two, inaccordant, incise, incoherent, incommensurable, incomparable, incompatible, incongruous, inconsistent, inconsonant, independent, individual, individualize, individuate, inharmonious, insular, insulate, interspace, interval, irreconcilable, irrelative, irritate, island, isolate, isolated, keep apart, keep aside, kithless, lay aside, lay open, leach, leave, let go, light the fuse, limit, lixiviate, lone, lonely, lonesome, make a distinction, make a space, make trouble, many, mark, mark off, mark out, mark the interface, modify, motley, multifarious, muster out, noncohesive, not agree, obtain a divorce, one, only, ope, open, open up, oppose, organize, other, out-of-the-way, out-of-the-world, outlandish, outspread, panel, part, part company, particular, particularize, partition, partitioned, peculiar, percolate, personalize, pick out, pit against, poles apart, poles asunder, provoke, pull away, pull back, pull out, purify, put aside, put asunder, put away, quarantine, quarantined, quarter, rank, rectify, reduce, reduce to elements, refine, refine a distinction, release, remote, remove, removed, rent, resolve, retired, riddle, rift, rip, rive, rope off, rupture, scatter, screen, screen out, seal off, secede, seclude, secluded, segment, segregate, segregated, select, separated, sequester, sequestered, set a limit, set against, set apart, set aside, set at intervals, set at odds, set at variance, set off, set on, sever, several, severalize, shut off, sic on, sieve, sieve out, sift, sift out, single out, single-handed, size, slit, sole, solitary, solo, sort, sort out, sovereign, sow dissension, space, space out, specialize, spiritualize, splay, split, split hairs, split up, spread, spread out, spring open, stand aloof, stand apart, stand aside, step aside, stir up trouble, strain, strange, subdivide, sublimate, sublime, subordinate, subtilize, subtract, sue for divorce, sunder, surround, swing open, take exception, take issue, tap, tear, tear open, thrash, thresh, throw off, throw open, throw out, try, type, unabetted, unaccompanied, unaffiliated, unaided, unallied, unassisted, unassociated, unattached, unattended, unconformable, unconnected, uncouple, unequal, unescorted, unfrequented, unhook, unique, unjoined, unlike, unmarry, unravel, unrelatable, unrelated, unseconded, unsupported, untie the knot, unvisited, unyoke, variant, varied, variegated, various, vary, varying, wall off, widely apart, winnow, withdraw, withdrawn, withhold assent, worlds apart
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